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What, exactly, is Phil Robertson's job?

Seriously. What is he being fired from on A&E? He's being fired from a reality show, right? What's the purpose of a reality show? To bring in viewers. So his bigoted statements directly impact his ability to do his job.

I was thinking about this and realized I would feel very differently if he were, say, a Wal-Mart cashier. Or an IT guy. Or a plumber. In those cases I don't necessarily think he should be fired. If it impedes his ability to do his job, like, say, people request that he not be the plumber from the plumbing business who comes to their house or something, then yeah sure fire him.

But Phil Robertson's sole job in terms of A&E is to bring in viewers. That's it. If he consciously puts it out there that these are his views, and A&E feels that those views alienate their audience, that's it. I'm sure that was in his contract.


ALSO what's making me FUCKING CRAZY about all of this is that these exact same people crying and bitching about how A&E is imposing their views on him are the ones who believe that what you put out there is fair game if you're raped and happen to have a photo of yourself in a bikini on your Facebook.

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