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What* expensive item which you've purchased has made you happiest, GT?(*non-car, non-house, non-computer)

What did YOU get, which you use regularly/semi-regularly and love, GT?

For me, doing some cleaning & “de-furring” around here got me thinking about my purchase of this style of vacuum last year when we were dealing with that rotten infestation of fleas that took a flea-bombing to finally clear out entirely:

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It’s a Rainbow SE PN-2, and it cost a bit under $250.00 (obviously used!) from the same repair shop that my sewing machine & serger were purchased from & get fixed by.

I knew the shop was safe to buy from, because it’s the same one mom & I have used for our sewing machines for about 25-30 years now, so when I needed a good vac last summer, I called them.


They had a Rainbow, so I asked them to hold it for me, got in the car & drove the 45 min to the shop. Then I brought it home, and started using it that day.

About a year later and I’m STILL glad I got it!😉

It’s cleaned this house from ceilings to floors, and can clean the hard floors, furniture, AND the carpets, with a simple change of heads. Since it’s a Rainbow & uses water-filtration rather than bags/compartments, I don’t have to worry about overfilling the compartment & burning out the motor during “shedding season” when the puppies lose their coats.


Roommie isn’t a fan, because she prefers an upright over a canister vac—and she’s willing to sit there trying to balance an upright on the stairs as she cleans them. Me though, I prefer the Rainbow, because the ONLY vacuum I’ve ever seen with comparable suction power are the old-school Kirbys, or perhaps newer-model Dysons. As for the canister/upright issue, I grew up using my mom’s canister vac, so it doesn’t bother me to have to move the canister around as I clean (it’s not *much* more to worry about than moving the cord as you go, and the ability to literally clean from floor to ceiling in one shot DEFINITELY makes that tiny bit of extra work worthwhile, imo!)😉

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