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So, I'm no stranger to the chub rub. I'm a size 12-14 lady who only wears skirts and dresses (style choice, nothing else). I THINK I HAVE NOW GOTTEN SOME SORT OF CHUB RUB IN MY BIKINI ZONE. Is... is this a thing? I gained 15ish pounds in law school, and recently started walking/working out more (and working in a coffee shop, which is like a workout all in and of itself). Is this just a THING I have to put up with, or am I wearing the wrong underwear?

TMI details for anyone who cares: I don't really shave my bikini zone often. I do from time to time, but if I don't care about people seeing my gut at the beach, pubic hair is the least of my worries. It FEELS like razor burn, but I haven't shaved in... a month? two?

SIDE NOTE: I hatehateHATE that when I try to find an image to go with "what fresh hell is this?" I get "Sheldon Cooper quote" instead of THE FAB DOROTHY PARKER.


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