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Welcome To The Bitchery

I have been following him since I despise this family and suspect he is his father’s last chance for the White House.. He is governor of NH. I thought “oh a better spoken LePage” when he won. He is a republican, past few weeks he wants to expand kindergarten to all day, increase funding and support for DYCF to protect children, wants to increase help for mentally ill, now supports a rape shield law. He is also prochoice and first denied funding on Planned Parenthood then voted to support it.

I would never, ever trust this family. My suspicians is his father told him “you are my, I mean our, last chance to get a Sununu in the White House, rule center right then win in 2018. In 2020 run against Trump as someone palatable to moderates and independents. Win the White House and I will be most powerful First Father ever, oh did not mean to say that aloud”.


I suspect every move is calculated. So if you live in NH trust him, never.

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