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What game should I play GT??

So I have all this time off work I think I want to actually commit to a game. I am always playing games then getting distracted by shiny new games. Seeing as I'm being good with money and not spending any I traded in some old stuff and got a couple new things this week along with some games I've had lying around quite awhile I've been meaning to get to. Here are my choices HELP ME PICK!

1. BioShock Infinate (I played the first one very much enjoyed it never played the second)


2. Tomb Raider (newest one heard it was good. It was compared to Uncharted. Uncharted 2 was one of my favorite games)

3. Super Mario 3d world (Been getting great reviews and really who doesn't love a good Mario game. It's technically my daughters but well she's in school and at her dads a lot so I will of course play it)

4. Zelda a Link Between Worlds (A Zelda game Nuff said)

5. Ni No Kuni (Studio Ghibli in game form? Yes please! but I tend to fail hard at RPG's so I'm a bit concerned at failing hard at this)

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