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What gift are you excited to give?

Hey GT. I haven’t been very active because I’ve been really down about heavy family stuff, which I posted about before. Ugh. Heavy.

So.... I was wondering what are some gifts you are excited to give friends or family members this holiday season??


I’ll share mine, but it requires a backstory:

I’m an ‘80s kid so I was obsessed with the Chia pets because of the damn song from the commercial. When I was about four, I became OBSESSED with Chia pets and I asked for one from Santa almost everyday, all year. I was living with my (very sassy, oppositional) grandmother. She decided they were SO stupid that there was no way she was buying one.

On Christmas eve, I looked up at my grandma before she tucked me in and I said, “Goodnight, I can’t waitttt to meet my baby chia pet tomorrow! I’m going to kiss it! I can’t waitttt!” She was horrified, called her friend to come to her house and left to buy a Chia pet at 10 pm on Christmas Eve., cursing the entire time.

Of course, on Christmas the only present I cared about was the Chia pet. This year, I will be giving her one and I cannot wait to see her horrified face. (Then I’ll follow it up with some Ulta makeup stuff ;) )


Share yours please!

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