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I'm having a super difficult time finding something for ManJive this Christmas. I had to wait until later to get gifts (i.e. now), and now I have no idea what to get. I usually don't have a problem because I go shopping and view lots of items, but that means going to a city. And this late in the game, that will be an issue for me. Because I hate the crowds.

SO. What to get this person? Off of the internets? He's a sports guy, plays golf, smokes the MJ. Last year for Christmas I bought him the Christmas Vacation Moose Head punch bowl with matching glassware, some cardigans, and the new James Bond Goldeneye reboot for PS3. Now I am just lacking ideas. What are you getting that special someone this Christmas?

And Merry Christmas to the jolliest bunch of assholes I know!


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