At the beginning of this week, my partner and children left to take a short vacation with my partner's family. I was invited, but I have important goings on at work that need my attention, and I would rather use my vacation days for a vacation where it is just the 4 of us staying in a beach house. So I did not go.

I am falling apart.

I am depressed, my emotions are out of control, I just sit and stare off into space, and I think my humor generator is broken (people at work are no longer laughing as much). I am all alone until July 2nd. Talking on the phone with my family only seems to worsen my condition. I am trying to stay busy, but its impossible to stay busy all the time.

They went away last sumer two, but it was for less time and I was taking a pretty demanding summer economics class as well as working, so I was pretty exhausted and although I had a hard time then, it was not as bad as this time.

So how do you all deal with this situation?

EDIT: I just wanted to thank everyone for your kind words and suggestions. I am sure I will get by, but this still sucks. You all made it all a little better this morning. Thank you all for that.