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Hivemind: I'm going to Disneyland tomorrow with mah peeps and I'm in a dilly of a pickle of a jam.

Mah peeps want to get the park early so that we can leave the park early, except that one member of our party wants to watch Fantasmic. I, personally, don't care all that much for Disney shows, except for the ones you can watch from the comfort of your own seat. I don't like wasting valuable time I could spend on rides, snacks, and window shopping (you know, the very things that make Disneyland fun?) camping out on cold concrete for 3+ hours for a show that only lasts 25 minutes. Fantasmic: she is a clusterfuck. I mean, you've had 20 years to perfect the experience, Disney. Why can't you get your shit together like you did with World of Color at California Adventure? Everyone gets a ticket with a color and a number, you find the area corresponding to the color and the number on your ticket, you sit your ass down, and everyone gets a decent view of the show. Period, end of story.


So I could care less about Fantasmic, but because mah peep wants to see it, I have no choice :/. The 10:30 show is NOT an option because we do all want to leave early, so we're stuck with the 9:00 show. So I came up with a brilliant plan: make late dinner reservations at a nearby restaurant (not gonna say which one, but it's the one with the patio overlooking the Rivers of America, i.e. where Fantasmic is performed), we take our sweet ass time, and we enjoy the show from the comfort of our table. Brilliant, right?

Except I'm not so sure now...Lots of things can go wrong with that plan. Like, what if the restaurant kicks us out before Fantasmic starts? What if we can't get patio seats? I was told over the phone that I have to mosey on over to the restaurant the minute I set foot in the park to give the hostess my seating preference because they can't reserve specific seating over the phone. What if we do get patio seats, but the view actually sucks?

*sigh* Reason Number 567,398 why World of Color kicks ass, and Fantasmic sucks Pumbaa's balls: you can actually make reservations at Paradise Pier-front restaurants so that you can watch World of Color in the comfort of the restaurant while enjoying a reasonably-priced Prix Fixe dinner. All Fantasmic offers is RIDICULOUSLY OVERPRICED premium seating that includes AYCE beverages and a dessert box. That'll set you back 60 samolians. Per person. AW HELL NAW.

Ugh, whatevs. Hopefully, my plan goes off without hitch tomorrow. The ridiculously overpriced VIP seating for Fantasmic is set up right between the casual, cafeteria-service restaurant overlooking RoA, and the restaurant I just made reservations for, so, assuming we're able to score a table on the patio, we should get a good view.


I need to go lie down. This is seriously giving me a stress headache. Happiest Place on Earth MY ASS.

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