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What have I done?!

You guys, I'm scared. I'm no good at relationship stuff. And I just quit smoking so I'm suuuuper emotional right now anyway.

MitsuBT dropped the L Bomb on me last night. And this morning we made our relationship "Facebook official" (??!). So today was nothing but a bombardment of Facebook notifications. I didn't realize it was going to make a huge "life event" post because I hit "confirm" on something. I wish I had set my relationship status to private before doing that.

Good news is that my former best friend who(m?) I haven't talked to in forever (since he got married and moved away, really) messaged me about it and we talked over IM pretty much all day. It was nice to catch up with an old friend.


I also think the cravings/withdrawals got worse today (day 2) since I quit. I've been using the e-cig pretty much all day along with the patch (I know, I know, it's bad). One of my shops took pity on me this afternoon and gave me a cigarette, and I savored the shit out of it. I miss smoking, you guys! I don't wanna quit!

What the fuck am I doing with my life right now? Argh. I'm tempted to just go get a six pack or a bottle of wine, order a pizza, and turn off my phone tonight. Can't turn off the computer because I'm going to watch "True Romance" and have all the feels.

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