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What have I done to myself?

It is a lovely, beautiful, wonderful July day. I just spent 3 hours in a curriculum development meeting for the fall, which is, you know, fine. Expected part of summers as a teacher. But it has made me realize exactly how much I am fucked for September. Like, six ways from the weekend fucked.


I am developing a new class for my high school students. My school created an evening class for me, because I was leaving to get my Masters, and they wanted to keep me on the books. I can't complain about that, right? Super awesome, very thoughtful, huge vote of confidence. But because it's an evening class, they've given me 4 hours for every 6 my fellow teachers are getting to cover the same material.


I am TAing an undergraduate level class. When do I find out about my TAing duties? The day after Labour Day - the same day high school classes start. I am also required to maintain full-time student status as part of my funding agreement for my Masters.

I need to be lesson planning and material prep like WHOA, because I am going on my honeymoon for most of August.

What am I doing? Staring at my computer in a blind panic. I might pour myself a glass of wine.


Maybe go shop for office supplies. Highlighers and post-it notes might make me feel better.


All you organized heads out there: recommendations for best daytimer/organizers, etc? Because I am going to need to day plan like I have never had to day plan before...

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