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Hai! Today was actually a nice day at work. I had two assignments, but they were on opposite sides of the island, so I got to take the loop around, like so:


That's not exact, but I wanted to keep it anonymous. :P It's a gorgeous day here, and days like today just serve to remind me that I shouldn't take this place for granted, because in less than a year I will have to move away. :(


I didn't want to do two posts, but I also need Halloween costume ideas. I usually go pretty elaborate or obscure when I can, but since Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, I will be out in the field instead of at an office. So, I need something cool (it's so hot here, and I work outside a lot), work-appropriate, and allows me some flexibility, as I often have to crawl under cars and stuff.

MitsuBT was set on us going as the Doctor (me, as Tennant) and Rose (he wanted to be her). But I don't think I can afford a suit right now, even a cheap one, and that seems like it'll be way too freaking hot while I'm at work. I originally wanted to go as the Prancercize lady, but I don't think anyone will get it. :(

Last year I was Rosie the Riveter, and the year before that, Schrodinger's cat.

I know you guys are a creative bunch! Help me!

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