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What I Done. What Should I Watch.

I finally peeled my lazy ass from bed and schlepped to the Apple store to pick up my new phone. I got one of those pretty rose gold ones!

Then I popped into Gap because goddamn if I don't live in their skinny pants, and bought these for work.


I also got this because I have been jonesing for sweaters. But everything on their site always looks dowdy and fugly. Why is that?

Then I went and bought the AOC cookbook. I did a lot of the books recommended but I only wanted to treat myself to one. I have them all listed in my Amazon account!


I also bought Inc and Fast Company. 'Cause I'm a NERD. And sat a sushi bar and drank a LEMON DROP like a damn 21-year-old and read my magazines while ignoring calls from my very soon to be ex boyfriend.


Now I am going to make brownies. Because that is what I desire.

BUT. I need ideas of things to watch. I have started like 5 millions shows but I can't land on anything. I have Netflix and HBO Go and will buy anything on iTunes. What happened to The Good Wife on Netflix??????????? Help me. I can't focus.


2014. Here. I. Come.


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