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Welcome To The Bitchery

I understand that they’re power-hungry. But why do they think staying with Trump is the long move?

It’s a fact that Trump lost the popular vote. It’s also a fact that his tyrannical behavior has galvanized the left and, I think, moderates. My mom is a moderate. She voted for Bush twice. Now she’s marching in multiple protests. I don’t think that’s an uncommon story. The people are screaming, loud and clear, that they hate Trump. These people will vote Republicans out of office, I think, if we’re still allowed to have midterm elections...


Providing that Trump doesn’t pull off a successful military coup or nuke us to extinction (both outcomes the GOP should hate and that I consistently fear because I’m paranoid), he seems like a sinking ship to me. Get off the damn boat.

Explain to me why I’m wrong because I just don’t get it.

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