'Ello, 'ello, Groupthink.

I've been a total creeper/looky-loo lately. I've checked out all your comings and goings, but haven't contributed much myself. Here is why:

See that little footprint on my belly? That's how much I have been holding La Petite Comtesse. She is TOTALLY AWESOME and a great cuddler, but my internetting has fallen by the wayside as a result. My priorities are clearly fucked. Allow me to share some observations from maternity leave...

-I have watched all of OITNB, Luther, and House of Cards. Marvelous. HoC is my favorite, followed by OITNB, then Luther, which I don't recommend watching all by yourself during late night breastfeeding sessions. (That Punch mask from season 2 is MAD SCARY!)


-Whoever says recovery from a vaginal delivery is SO MUCH EASIER than recovery from a c-section sits upon a throne of lies. True, it is quicker, but in my experience it's a more painful recovery! Or maybe my pussy is just... A pussy?

-Newborn= assurance that you will always be covered in at least 3 body fluids at any point. Some yours, some not, but you stop caring.


-This child has a shitton of hair...


And it always seems greasy to me (okay, not here, since it is freshly washed, but still...) Anyone with a hairy baby wanna weigh in on this? Is that normal or is this just her Italian heritage shining through?

-I miss all y'all, GT!