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What I made back home this time.

Last time I went home I made spice racks and a cutting board. This time I made myself a little souvenir of my NY trip over New Years.

If you remember I have a major boner for good public transportation and love the subway system. So while I was there I grabbed a copy of the MTA subway map and have been planning on doing this for quite a while. I went home this weekend and got the chance since I had my father's shop to work with. Anyway, here's a frame I made with the MTA map in it and the ticket stubs to the concerts that were the whole reason for the trip in the first place.


This is probably the best piece of finish carpentry I've ever done. Two of my 45's came out perfect! And the other two are super close to completely closed. The only bummer is I don't have all four official tickets, the third concert I had to get a ticketbastard ticket.

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