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Welcome To The Bitchery

What I Promised This Morning: Sort Yo Self, Hogwarts Style!

Y'all be witches and wizards, or whatever. My Brando post this morning was going to include this, but I changed it up. We're going kick out that sorting hat and SORT OURSELVES!

I thought of this game because of the insane lady who re-wrote Harry Potter to be more 'Christian'. No religion hate, but...yeah. We've all come to the consensus that it is literally wackadoddle status. Totes obvi.


Let's play!

Here are the rules:

  1. You may not take a quiz to determine the house you are most likely to be sorted into.
  2. You must go with your gut, and think about why you should be in the house.
  3. You must offer a reason(s).
  4. NO MAKING UP HOUSES. I know being in Grifferyin seems dope. So does DisneylandMavelUniverse-dor. Let's be real hurrrr.
  5. You must have hella fun. That is the point.

I would be in Slytherin. I was, as a kid, always insisting I was a Slytherin. I don't advocate the extinction or eradication of anyone. I'm just a spoiled brat with an attitude problem, love for dat cash, and the whole "I'm better than you." thing-when the occasion calls (Drunk, pissed off, fools). I had/have a lot of love for Draco-first crush, because IDK...guess I like assholes. Due to my infatuation with Slytherin, everything I owned as a child (And adult) was either green or silver.


Like money.

Team Draco.


Was going to use this one, but I realized it looked waaaaaay to much like a Nazi salute...you decide.

Ok, which house are you in, and why?

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