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What if fat shaming comments were banned?

I’d love to see the NYT and other papers eliminate the comment section on articles related to diet and weight. In today’s piece about how people are drinking less soda (and eating a little less) the comments are a long, long list of concern trolling and fat shaming.

You stupid fat people, you just need to exercise more and eat less! Stop being lazy! Stop eating fast food! I was able to lose 15 pounds by knocking off that Dove bar every night and so should you! Then I wouldn’t have to look at you! Or sit next to you on a plane! It’s for your own good, I’m just thinking of your health!

The Times always chooses some of the meanest as their “picks” which leads me to believe that whomever is in charge of the “pick” is on the troll side of things.


Brought to you by the letter R for Rage.

Also, I’d love them to note every time they mention fat people in travel stories. Today’s story about bus travel includes the writer (who somehow eats tons of fast food w/o issue) having to share “half a seat” with a “corpulent woman with pink hair.” Was she nice? Did she make you laugh? Doesn’t matter! She was fat!

Now I want a Dove bar.

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