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1. What if the Trump administration refuses to speak to investigators, refuses to turn anything over, refuses in any way to cooperate with the investigations? Is there any recourse? Cuz it seems like this is exactly what they are doing - refusing to cooperate and just carrying on.

2. What if Pence became President? My big fear is that a lot of the shit going on behind the scenes (Sessions fucking with civil rights, student loans being screwed with, discrimination in education being supported, travel bans, AHCA, etc.) are all Pence’s pet projects - and if he became President, he’d be way more effective at getting stuff done.


3. What if Dems took the House and Senate in 2018? Impeachment for sure - but what else might they do? Amend the constitution to allow for a special election if a foreign government affects the results of the election? What else?

Add your political questions below!

The image above is what I got when I google imaged “political cute.” Works for me!

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