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What in the actual fuck????

TW: Racism, SC, Charleston, idiots


She is now saying that she has been on the receiving end of racism because she is white and I shouldn’t judge her and that I’m unfairly targeting her and bullying. I kept saying she was missing the point but she keeps saying that she’ll keep standing up for everyone even though she’s been verbally and physically attacked FOR BEING WHITE.


But first, here is a nice gif because I need to calm the fuck down:

I posted a link to one of the many articles about Charleston shootings and Dylann Roof on my FB tonight, and a girl (she is from Australia, so that will help you understand a bit why she sounds like an absolute IDIOT) said:

“In this day and age, racism should be a thing of the past. I’ve never really understood racism. We’re all human beings and colour or nationality shouldn’t make any difference. Next there will be people killing others as they come out of a tanning salon if there tan is too dark. How does a kid get hold of a gun though? I wouldn’t even know where a gun shop is over here and I only know a handful of people who own guns and they’re either farmers or police officers. It’s so hard to stop or even control discrimination. I just don’t understand it (sad face).”


I… I lost it. This was my response, which, in retrospect I guess I should aim at the entire community of human beings alive on this planet, not just her, but WHAT IN THE WHAT???

“A kid???? He is 21. He went into a shop and bought a gun. You don’t understand racism??? How do you even say something like that??? It’s literally on the news, it’s on every channel, everyone on the street here talks about “rag heads” and “sand niggers” and “boat people” and how brown people steal all the jobs. I have literally never been at a group gathering where someone didn’t warn me about how the “abbos” in Australia will steal the tires off your car if you stop too long in the middle of the desert.I don’t understand people who pretend to not understand racism. Aren’t you lucky to not know racism? Aren’t you lucky to live in such a privileged, happy place where all the white people hold hands and sing songs of love and peace and no one ever hurts anyone and la la la la la.RACISM IS FUCKING EVERYWHERE. You only have to open your eyes. It’s like saying that there’s no need for feminism anymore, because you don’t feel like you’ve been oppressed. Just because your personal journey hasn’t been difficult doesn’t mean there aren’t women dying literally every single day for those little things you take for granted.All you need to do is turn on the news. You need to look at the internet. Check out your Facebook feed. Read a newspaper. This country elected a racist, sexist, misogynistic asshole as PM who has made it his life’s goal to roll back the progress made by minorities and women until we have nothing left. As a hispanic, bisexual, immigrant woman I am offended on so many different levels I cannot even breathe sometimes. And I have the privilege of appearing white- I am a well-educated, pale-skinned woman so outward prejudices don’t apply to me. I have benefitted from white privilege and I am ashamed of it, but I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure it doesn’t go unappreciated.I don’t understand people who “don’t understand racism”. How can you compare someone getting a TAN to systemic, inbred racism???? How can you compare a rich white person dying their skin to the struggle of millions of African American people trying to SURVIVE in this disgusting culture??? You cannot seriously be that blind.This country is no better than America. Just because you don’t understand the basic gun laws does not make an excuse for the rest of your basic understanding of the struggle of minorities and immigrants in a world of white people.Seriously. Please. Did you read the article? Have you read anything about this story???”


Look, I don’t know. I don’t even know anymore, but I can’t do this. I cannot handle this. I can’t deal with people, or their ignorance, or explaining what the world is like to idiots every single day. I can’t be this person. I am not strong enough.

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