We were checking out what movies were going to be playing this weekend. When we saw listed was a Hillary Clinton movie we were hoping it would be a proHillary movie. We clicked on the movie to see what it was about. We were greeted with this picture.

We were not amused. Actually the opposite. My mother thought “do they think she is Satan?” followed by “Is that a Hitler mustache”. I only said “those eyes are not human.”.

Are the tea bag republicans and Trump supporters hell bent on dehumanizing her so much they want her assassinated? I was already worried in 2008 about Barack Obama but even the republicans then did not go as far as saying they wanted him shot. Just yesterday a Trump advisor and NH state rep said she should be shot for treason.

Do they comprehend the dangerous game they are playing? Do they believe the Secret Service is that good that nothing will happen? If something does happen thats it for the republican party. They like Judas will be blamed for all time.


Its a pity the party does not have a person with clout to say “shut the hell up”. God I do not care who says it even George W. Bush but someone with clout has to. I believe the party has enough rational leaders to know this has to end if not they must know how dangerous the consequences are. The party is skirting way past the line of safe rhetoric into truly dangerous waters.