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I think saraswhimsy made me a magical resume.

I applied to a whole bunch (30+) entry-level jobs on Career Builder over the weekend. Well it's Monday morning and i have been getting non-stop emails, phone interviews and scheduling for in-person interviews.


I have 3 interviews this week so far. I have to dress business professional for the interviews, and i don't own anything like that. I don't own any suits or anything professional. Besides one gray pencil skirt and a couple of nice sweaters.

Last time i had an interview it was for an industrial sewing job, i puked in the parking lot from nervousness and i bombed the interview.

I have really, really bad anxiety about interviews. Usually i have terrible anxiety on the phone too but everyone has been so up-beat and nice on the phone, i've felt very comfortable.

Ahhhh what do i wear?! How do i calm down? Help

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