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What is making your day today?

Here is a small list of things that made my day today:

  1. I’m super happy I got two whole days off this weekend!
  2. Adderall is great. So much greater than waking up and falling asleep again. I usually forget to take it when I’m not working so I end up sleeping all weekend. I didn’t take a nap today!
  3. Sanpellogrino Lemonata is acidic deliciousness.
  4. I won a Longchamp Le Pliage for less than $25 including shipping thanks to dumb luck and timing. I wanted something to replace my current bag which is falling apart, and apparently these ones have a reputation for taking a good beating. It had a small tear, but the cost of repairing is minor considering how much I paid for it.

All very minor things, but still good. Your turn!

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