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What is the best ___ for Halloween?



Tv show?

Story? etc.

I looooove Halloween, but at the same time I don’t like super scary horror films. I can’t stand torture or mutilation scenes and I can handle gore up to Game of Thrones levels but not beyond—I particularly hate mindless horror like “this guy is going about slashing people for literally no reason!” or “somebody died here so now they just kill all the folks that come through indiscriminately because ghosts have no proper motivation!” Ugh, to me that is boring and pointless. Can’t dead people have reasonable revenge plans just like alive people? WTF is with banging cabinets about and killing anyone who comes into the house? For me, most horror movies are essentially like sitting in a dentist’s chair for two hours—every muscle in my body is tensed in anxiety the whole time, and afterwards I am exhausted and depressed.


However! I enjoy stuff that is spooky and creepy without really being horror, and I like some psychological horror and suspense. My picks for Halloween are fun things like Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, etc., and aesthetically pretty things like Crimson Peak (just saw it last weekend!). I want to see The Babadook but I am afraid it would ruin my life*. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I never really got into Nightmare Before Christmas. Idk, it just didn’t click for me?

What are your top picks for Halloween? Anything to recommend? I have been listening to Lore podcast and I think more creepy spooky podcasts would be up my alley.

*In eighth (I think?) grade I watched Saw on dvd with a friend and I was really impressed with it but it RUINED MY LIFE—temporarily anyway. I had trouble falling asleep for months (had a few nightmares too). I was anxious in parking garages. I was convinced there could be an intruder crawling on the floor where I couldn’t see them behind furniture. I had to peek outside the shower curtain every few seconds during a shower. I could barely stand to be alone in my own room after nightfall. I got over it, but I think I am essentially too imaginative and anxious for that level of scary movie.

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