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Welcome To The Bitchery

Last election Russia used Bernie’s loss to sow discord. I feel like that’s happening a second time. And after years of people saying “we can’t let 2016 happen again.”

All the political forums I visit have been overrun with pro-Bernie stuff seemingly overnight (so within the last week). People are drudging up old Russian propaganda relating to the DNC and the last election. Same lines as 2016. I’m seeing a ton of coverage on Bernie while simultaneously seeing stories about how the media is unfairly ignoring him.

It all seems really manufactured. And the articles/comments supporting Bernie aren’t all that supportive. They’re just negative. They don’t ever talk about Bernie’s ideas, but mainly use him to beat on other candidates. Same demoralizing crap as last year.


But why though? Especially during a year when Bernie could actually win the nomination. What’s the bad actor plan if he wins? They’ve spent money and time to help his campaign.

Last year Hillary supporters became well aware of all the bad shit Bernie has said/done/voted for. So it’s not like said bad actors can just flip the script if he does win. I’ll be annoyed at all the articles exonerating Warren like how articles exonerate Clinton now. But tbh nothing is keeping me from that voting booth. So I don’t get it.

Obviously this could all work again if he doesn’t win. But he’s second right now. I’m still confused as to why Biden is so popular, but I’m also in a bubble. Also just my 2 cents…even if Biden does win, there’s not gonna be a blood bath like last year. Misogynists were energized to turn out against Hillary, or stay home. That’s not gonna happen with a white dude. Could happen if Warren wins, but at this point I’m pretty sure she won’t. As frustrating as that is. 

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