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What is the grossest food-related thing to ever happen to you?

I'm not sure why this popped into my head, but I had a vivid flashback to the grossest food contamination that ever happened to me. A few years ago, I was on a major pretzel wave. One evening, I was doing some groceries after work and I noticed that they had some Jake Baked pretzels on sale. I'd never seen them before, but they were cheap, so I bought a bag. Got home, boyfriend and I got high (those were the days), and we opened up the bag and emptied a pretty large amount in a bowl. They were pretty good, so they were gone fairly quickly.


As I was reaching into the bowl to scrape up the last remaining crumbs, I encountered something... off. Little brown nuggets. Having had a hamster as a kid, I immediately recognized them as rodent poop. I had a moment of intense freaking out that we had a mouse in the apartment (again, I was pretty high), until I realized the most logical conclusion was that the poop was in the bag. Much spitting and cursing ensued and my ability to trust snack foods was forever tarnished by this violation (#Notallsnacks).

Anyways, I emailed the company about it, but they never replied.

So, what is your grossest food-related discovery, GT?

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