On the Elliott Sailors article, I wanted to get some input from GT because I am sensitive this morning and wanted to blow up my computer when I saw Lea T. included in "genderbending," which I think is shitty and problematic.

Sailors IS genderbending because she's female, posing as a male. Lea T. is not posing as female, she IS a female. Genderbending, in my definition, is posing as the gender you are not or presenting androgynous. Lea T. is just being herself?

I can't really call out the author about it because I really lost it on the recent Elizabeth Smart article that made weird comments about Jaycee Dugard and was grey'd 4 lyfe.


ETA: I am cis, but I date a transgirl, and am very sensitive about this stuff because it's a battle to get people to just acknowledge transwomen as female and NOT CROSSDRESSING, or "FUCKING WITH GENDER" like some kind of cool progressive gender anarchists.

My girlfriend is just a girl and wants to be acknowledged as a girl and I would imagine, even though I am not familiar with Lea T., that Lea T. would want to be acknowledged as female and only female.


Not trying to insert myself as some white knight on behalf of transpeople, but this shit makes me crazy so tell me if I should dial it back. BUT REALLY, DODAI.