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Welcome To The Bitchery
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What is the most profound thing a teacher/professor has ever said to encourage you?

I'll start. I have two things, but they both come from the same teacher. When I was a senior in high school, I was in IB history. It's a pretty hard program, but since I like history it was a piece of cake.

On day we had to write a timed essay. I did the wrong prompt, and ended up writing about The Russian Revolution. After I got it back, my teacher pulled me aside and said "Look, you did the wrong prompt. But you wrote it so well that I'm still giving you an A. You are much smarter than the rest of these kids, so I respect you for that. Just keep up with your passions".


I also used to get to school very early because I couldn't stand my home life. I would hang out with her and talk Americas Top Model and history. One time I came in crying because I was under a lot of pressure, and we had just learned that my brother was smoking pot (sounds like NBD but I didn't want him to turn into an addict like me). I was sobbing, and she gave me a hug and said "Vivaciousvicious, you are so strong and sensitive. I'm sorry to hear that your brother got in trouble over drugs, but remember that he's going to be Ok. You have to focus on you, and how smart and kind you are. Never forget that". We still periodically keep in touch, and I was really grateful that she helped me through high school.

What's your story?

Edit: I forgot another story. I had a librarian in high school I really looked up to, and he's my mentor to this day. I used to visit him when I was done with all my school work (I was one of those kids who did good work quick, and I hated school and the teachers would let me leave class regularly). He would tell me stories about his past as a CIA agent. One time I told him how I hated going to therapy and how my parents were ignoring my drinking problem and sweeping it under the rug. He told me "I'm sorry to hear that you are so hurt, and I would have never expected you to have such an addiction. I think you are very strong, and that you have a bright future. You can make it through this, if no one else believes in you, I will". Made me cry after I met with him. It was good to hear.

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