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Update: I went to a junkyard that had an MX-3 but its belts weren’t automatic. But! Many thanks to Racescort666, because we found not one but three Fords with the part I need! My dad took all the tools with him to the race track today for a track day on his Triumph, but tomorrow I’m going back and getting one of these bastards. My dad thinks he’ll be able to install it, but if not we have friends at Midas who should be happy to do it. Thanks for the help, everyone!

Can anyone tell me the name of this part of a seat belt? I have a 1993 Mazda MX-3 and this part of the seat belt (circled in the picture, which is not my car but has the same seat belt mechanism) is broken so my shoulder belt cannot click into it. My shoulder belt is automatic, and the circled part moves back behind the seat on a slider rail when the key is turned. The slider is fine, but the place where the shoulder belt clicks in is torn off. The Mazda dealership wants $1100 to replace the entire seat belt (holy shit). I only need this part and I’m trying to find out how much a replacement costs but I’m having no luck. I would install a universal seat belt but there’s no good anchor point for it and multiple repair shops have refused to do so because they cannot be sure that it is safe.

So, what is this doohicky called?


Thanks in advance, and a share to Oppo would be much appreciated!

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