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What is this? Awful day to awesome day?

I nailed my (expected) awkward social reception tonight. Super important because actual world relations at stake, yet I come across as normal awkward me, but I did an awesome job (with the aid of a bit of alcohol and fearlessness).

Also, successfully avoided other guy who comes on too hard at work while talking to a coworker who works abroad and came to praise me in person.

And told ghosting guy in no uncertain terms that current situaiton wasn’t working and that it may just be timing, but every time I try to arrange something, it doesn’t work, so he needs to decide if he has adequate time to devote in the future after his (and my) travel and if so, he knows how to reach me.


Bonus: my mother who will denounce me in an instant if it means being right to her sister actually called to ask my opinion on something and agree to a request I made.


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