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WHAT IS THIS (hint: it's sexbots)

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This. What is it? It’s sexy robots, that’s what! The point of the article is that sexbots present ethical quandaries, all of which is just...Idk. Humanoid/realistic-looking robots freak me out, so I can’t really take the idea of sex robots seriously. I would seriously rather just go without sex, or handle matters myself, than get into bed with a life-size fake person—and this is all beside the point anyway because I am attracted to dudes and so far all existing sexbots are ladies AFAIK. So I get that there are ethical questions, but I am just so freaked out by the whole uncanny valley thing that I get hung up on that part and can’t decide whether I am ok with people using sex robots or not. I think it’s kind of creepy, but is it hurting anyone? Will it further the objectification of women and children, as the article suggests? I...don’t know what to think, so I am interested to hear you folks weigh in!


But the real gem about this piece is the comments, which you should ABSOLUTELY NOT read but I will post some below anyway because I can’t help myself. Also I am posting these comments without usernames bc I don’t want to start a shitstorm or anything.

(TW for misogyny and general unpleasantness)

Rando commenter #1:

I was going to respond and get banned, but I’ll skip that for now and just point out (like everyone else) that women are the gateway to sex, and they don’t want competition from robots (or prostitutes for that matter) as it lowers their control.

And yes, that’s the nice comment.

Rando commenter #2:

When Cherry 2000’s get invented, the female gender will lose all of it’s power. Why would any man put up with a woman’s crap when he can just buy a droid to have sex with? No more free dinners and movie tickets for women. No more free rent and an extra (or primary) source of monetary income. Women aren’t going to want that. They can dress it up however they want, but the reality is that they profit from having the one thing that most men want more than anything and they’ll lose that power if there’s a good alternative. $7,000 for a robot is a lot cheaper than dating and marrying women and they don’t get headaches or get pregnant or give you herpes.

In regards to robots that look like children, I’d rather pedophiles molest robots than actual kids, so I don’t see the problem there.

Soooooo yeah. These guys think that robots are actually a way better deal than women bc they don’t have thoughts or emotions, and they don’t make you pay for dinner.

There was also an argument in there that pedophiles and/or rapists will use robots as an outlet rather than hurting people, which I rather doubt is true.


Finally, a LOT of people said that this is basically the same as women using vibrators, and everyone is fine with that, so being anti-sexbot is basically being anti-male sexuality. I really don’t think a sex toy like a vibrator is at all the same as a robot that mimics a whole human! And they all seemed to be really misogynistic in their tone, but I do think it is the case that (straight) men using sex toys is more stigmatized than women, and that seems not cool*. Also everyone in the comments seemed to have never heard of anyone not being straight before, it’s like the 1950s in there.

*On the subject of men and sex toys, the writer of Oh Joy Sex Toy has her male partner really involved with her reviews and the comic and stuff.

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