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What is this sorcery?

Groupthinkers, I think I'm actually obsessed with Victoria's Secret. How have I fallen into this trap? I didn't even care about pretty undergarments until about 2 or 3 years ago. I mean, they're just undergarments! But knowing that I'm wearing something colorful or cute or sexy or pretty underneath my clothes is actually pretty fulfilling. It also doesn't help that my mom gets me a giftcard to VS every time an occasion comes up (birthday, Christmas, etc.). Maybe it's weird for my mom to get me Victoria's Secret giftcards? Eh, whatever, I don't hate it.


Anyway, yesterday I bought underwear that I totally didn't need because there was a special where you could get 7 undies for $26 rather than the usual 5. I already have a good number of underwear from there, but uh...the more, the merrier? I also need (erm, actually, I don't need...I want) a new bra or two, but I think I'm going to hold off on that until there's a better sale on the way. I also like their Pink collegiate collection and was thinking of buying a clothing item of my alma mater since I'm going to a football game next weekend and want a new tanktop to wear, but then I realized that I could probably get it for half the price back at my university.

So yes, Victoria's Secret, you've suckered me into your ultra-pink and lacy heart. Dammit, consumerism.

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