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What's up with this sponsored post on io9?

I just don't understand. It's supposed to be funny, but it's not. It's on io9, but it's only half-related to the things they cover. (It also refers to a "cyclon" character from BSG.) And it's just so... whatever this is:

Of course when I think of other galaxies, I'm actually thinking about women in their underwear.

Sandra Bullock played another workaholic loner in Gravity this year. And we all relished the opportunity to see her float around in her spandex shorts as Dr. Ryan Stone. My point is there's just something nice about women who know more than everyone else, can spend a lot of time alone, and, I don't know, work out a lot.


I mean, it's not openly sexist. Maybe it's that it comes off as pretending to be all "look at these badass women" and then mostly talks about their clothes and how hot they are. I'm not the only one who was rubbed the wrong way:

I am not real wild about disrespectful tone of this article. I understand and support IO9's need to host posts by advertisers, but IO9, as a site devoted to our collective future, has been by and large a sexism free zone, as we hope the world to work toward being. Jaguar, do your homework about who you're writing for.


(In the author's defense, she did respond to that comment reasonably well.)

It doesn't help that a) it's just generally not that well-written, and b) I have no fucking clue why Jaguar sponsored it.


I think I might actually prefer Jez's Rorschach test earrings. At least those are entertaining.

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