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So I found this watch through instagram, and it’s GORGEOUS.


I want it in every color. Problem is - the link on insta was to this sketchy site. And when I google reverse image search, I get a bunch of other sketchy hits for similar items.


And then several on Amazon and Ebay that have no reviews. I figure this is probably a knock-off of something, but I don’t know what. Anyone got any ideas? It’s got a milanese magnetic strap, with that design-y bevel edge and a sparkly star background. I likely can’t afford the real thing, but now I’m curious.

Edit: Ok, I think I found it. I’m thinking Dior based on this video -

But...I still can’t find that particular watch on their site. And that video was posted Sept 2018, so you think it’d be there. Granted, even if it were there it’s probably like $1000 at least. So definitely not something I’d get. :P Still I wish I had proof confirmation of what it is. 

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