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What is/was for dinner, GT? Me, I'm on a diet...

I’m not a vegan anymore. For the time being, anyway. I hit a plateau trying to lose the other half of the 70 pounds I gained on lexapro.

After much internetting, I settled on focusing on “low energy density” foods. Even the Mayo Clinic is on board, so it’s all sciencey, which is nice.

You eat stuff that is lower in calories but high in fiber and/or protein, because such things apparently keep you feeling full longer. They’re also good for you. Which is a plus!


For example, breakfast today was steel cut oatmeal (low in calories, high in fiber) with a banana and a bit of brown sugar. And coffee. (I will never make oatmeal in anything other than my slow cooker ever again, btw. It’s just too easy...)

Lunch was (sustainably caught) tuna (low in calories, high in protein) mixed with salsa Verde and a cup of mixed greens. And an absolutely lovely gala apple.

Last night’s dinner was an egg white scramble with onions, three kinds of peppers, and spinach. Smothered with salsa verde.

And then popcorn (high in fiber) for a snack around 8 pm. With LOADS of salt, which I can get away with because I have low blood pressure....


It’s all been very delicious, not to mention quick and simple. These are meals I could eat day after day and not get sick of them, which feels like an important thing on a diet.

For tonight’s dinner, I’m Olivia Poping it, ie - red wine and popcorn .

So I’m topping out at about 1200 calories a day, which, if my math is right, should lose me about a pound and a half a week. And I haven’t felt hungry, really, either totally because of the low energy density foods, or because I’m eating every 2-3 hours, or both....


And that’s using calorie consumption for a sedentary person. But the cardiologist cleared me today for strenuous exercise, so I’m off to amazon to buy the rowing machine I meticulously researched (high calorie burn, low impact on my old and achy knees...). Then I’ll get to kick the calories up by several hundred.

PS, this is only possible because I opted out of the holidays this year....lol.

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