I've spent the past couple of weekends revisiting the Harry Potter films (my books are in boxes somewhere in my garage; I should find those and revisit them too...eventually). Aside from marveling at how we practically watched Rupert, Emma, and Daniel grow up right before our very eyes, I realized that Jo Rowling really did a fantastic job building the world inhabited by her characters.

It really is a vast and meticulously constructed universe: there are wizarding schools, with thorough and comprehensive magical curricula; there are various wizarding careers; there are wizarding hobbies; magical shops; magical creatures; magical locations and destinations; magical plants; not to mention an entire wizarding government with a thoroughly entrenched and corrupt magical bureaucracy. The woman literally thought of everything.

Obviously, this being a story primarily aimed at a young audience, she was bound to leave a few details to the imagination. For instance, we know that romantic emotions, feelings, and relationships play an important part of the story. One character's actions are entirely motivated by the fact that he loved Harry's mother and his bitterness over not having his feelings returned because the latter chose Harry's father. Harry spends an entire novel pining over one character, only to date her in the next installment and discover that they're not all that compatible. Harry's classmates all date one another at some point and heavy petting sessions are implied to take place at various parts of Hogwarts.

We know, implicitly, that witches and wizards have sex. Harry and several of his classmates are the offspring of various witches and wizards, and even some magical creatures. Harry himself married a witch and they had two little wizards and a little witch of their own. Sometimes, witches and wizards have unusual kinks; just ask Dumbledore's brother Aberford.

We also know that magic forms a big part of the daily lives of witches and wizards in Harry's world. They use it to physically get around from place to place, they use it at their jobs, they use it when they travel, and they even use it, if the scenes at the Burrow are any indication, to prepare their meals. They use it for everything, basically.


So my question is this: do the witches and wizards in Harry's world use magic during sex? If so, how would it work?

For that matter, what are magical pregnancies like? Are there magical forms of contraception? Or magical fertility aids?

In other words, I'm bored. Humor me.

And here's some Justin Timberlake featuring Ciara to inspire discussion.