My sleep cycle is a mess. I am a natural night owl since child hood. The best I ever felt was working 2pm-11pm. I could sleep exactly 8 hours and wake up refreshed with no alarm. My second best scenario is to work 10am-7pm.

I have to get to work early though. That’s just my life for the last 5 years. But the older I get, the harder it is. You’d expect the opposite. This last year was worse because for a good bit of the year I was splitting the difference between US East Coast and European hours which meant a very early start much of time. It seems I never recovered. The earlier I have to wake up, the more I have to sleep in order to function.

Now I’m in a weird cycle. I get home and I’m so sleep around 6:30 to 7pm that I can barely function. I generally end up falling asleep around 8:30pm, but it takes everything I have to stay awake. Then, around midnight or 1am, I wake up. I usually awake between 1am-3am. That means I fall back to sleep just in time to get a blissfully asleep before my 5am alarm goes off. I was on a normal schedule for the holidays, but as soon as I’m back to work this starts again. Am I just crazy?