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Welcome To The Bitchery

So, a member of my fiance's family, a Holocaust survivor, was interviewed on television recently regarding her experience in Auschwitz. I googled to try to locate the clip and clicked on a blog that came up as the top result in my search. It's a Holocaust denier blog, accusing her of lying, and suggesting that the Nazi photographs which actually show her and her family at Auschwitz are faked. The Holocaust denier blogger goes so far as to suggest that she "got by on her looks" because she wasn't sent to the chambers, even though she was only 13 and all children under 15 were sent to be gassed. She credits being able to pass as older because she was wearing all of the clothes she'd brought with her, and her head was covered, so it was hard to tell her age. I am so disgusted. I feel like hurling.

There was also a photo of her on the station's Facebook page, with people questioning why the Holocaust deserves to be remembered over all other atrocities, and some even suggesting that Americans' attitudes towards Christian are such that the zeitgeist would permit a holocaust against Christians. NO. NO. NO. NO. How are people so stupid and so careless?


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