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What Is Wrong With People Sheesh

This took place between two stores. Store A and Store B. Store B we went to twice.

Store A) My mother bought a lamp at Store B which was a thrift shop. Store A consigns. A woman mid 20s walked in while we were at the counter with the owner with the lamp. We were testing the lamp. Bought for $3 shop owner put $40. The owner is a very nice and honest woman I have known for quite a few years. Not all in this industry are honest.


After we did this we walked around the shop. I was looking at the books. The mid20s was four feet away looking at framed pictures (not sure if they were prints or lithographs, watercolors would be on the wall).

She then said “will you buy this for me”. I thought she was on the cellphone. Nope talking to me. I pretended not to hear and walked away. Who asks a stranger to buy a picture for them or anything? Is she looking for a sugar daddy? Weird way to be friendly since it tells me she wants someone to buy her stuff. What would she have done if I said “yes” although for that to happen pigs have to take flight and dogs speak English?


I caught up with my mother who was still talking to the owner. Ok let me teach you all something. Consign something and it sells six month later? Sorry you the person who brings it in gets zero, nothing. Contracts are 90 days, don’t pick up unsold products store keeps it. A man was threatening the owner with a lawsuit since he got no money when item sold, six months later. We offered to be character witnesses.

Store B) we went back to the thrift shop. I went to the book section. I keep seeing this book by Tucker Max. i had no idea who he is. I started to browse through the book. WTF is this. Has he no sense of propriety? Of decency? A chapter was about oral sex and he did not name the women but would nickname them based on the experience. These women have to know who is describing especially the one he broke a rib on (she was choking and he performed the Heimlich) and the one who vomited.


I was thinking Jesus Christ you might as well have named them. They pick up the book they will know you are describing them.

I then said “why am I reading this? Good god”. I put it back on the shelf. It was for a dollar and thought it was a dollar to much.


Anyone heard of this book? Who would buy it? Oh same folks who probably bought Penthouse Letters books in the 80s. I assume the woman on the cover read the prerelease of the book and insisted her face not be shown. I would not want my face shown.

So three what is wrong with people.

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