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Seriously guys, please don't read this if you are triggered by weight loss issues or eating disorder stuff.



I recently had a conversation about my recent vom illness (note: Think it was a bug since it's still doing the rounds amongst friends) and the fact that I still can't keep food inside of me, even though at least now I sometimes feel vaguely hungry (now at least as well it's not throwing up, which isn't quite so horrific). One girl asked me:

GIRL: Oh god, have you lost weight?

ME: Yeah, I weighed myself this morning as I was a bit worried about it and I've lost two kilograms in three days. I know it'll come back when I'm better, but it can't be good in such a short space of time.



ME: what the actual fuck are you talking about?

HER: You got to spend the day at home with your boyfriend AND you've lost so much weight without even doing anything! I'm so jealous!

ME: .........Is that really what you are taking away from this?

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with some people? It's mostly water! It'll come back within a week! And my metabolism is going to be fucked for a while! We've had constant headaches from being so dehydrated. My back hurts from vomiting so violently. My skin is fucked from not being able to do my very necessary ovulation time skin routine.


I don't know what fictional universe her head is working in, but staying at home with boyfriend was not so much "hey let's snuggle under blankets blowing our noses adorably and watch films together!" it was more like "oh god, he won't stop twitching and groaning. I have to decamp to the other room. OH GOD I HOPE HE DOESN'T WANT TO THROW UP AT THE SAME TIME AS ME." We were both unconscious! In separate rooms! THROWING OUR GUTS UP.

And sadly, I know lots of girls who do this. Someone will come to work after being off for a week and a half with the flu (genuine, real, unconscious, fever flu) and people will be all "WOW!! You've lost so much weight!! That's amazing!". Umm. No. Getting seriously ill is never "amazing" or "fantastic".


At what point did being hideously ill become a minor, unimportant side issue to the glorified objective of LIFE of losing weight?

I can't even. I'm so mad.

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