We have a wonderful story, well researched and very interesting, about a pioneer and powerhouse in the seocnd wave feminism movement. Someone who has done good work for the cause of equality and women's rights. And on this, the celebraiton of her 80th birthday, what is the first thing i see posted in the comments? A picture of her with Terry Richardson, by itself, no context, no explination. Out of everything good this woman has done, the commentators want to look for that tiny bit of dirt. So i've come to a realizaiton. Per the laws of the Jezebel commratirate, you must be pefect. No flaw. no mistakes made in the vibrance of youth, no misjudgements made in a ehat of passion or fury. No room for growth, no chance to make amends. be perfect, be noble, have no mistakes or we will tear you down with the power of internet rage. For we are Jezebel and we are legion!