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I managed to drag my carcass out on Saturday night to my favorite karaoke in town (that would be Austin's very own Karaoke Underground) and had a fantastic time. I swear, nothing is better than singing badly into a microphone and getting people riled up.

I got to hit the mic a record four times in one night because it wasn't stupidly busy (unlike hovels like Ego's or *shudder* the Common Interest where you'll be lucky to get one turn unless you offer the KJ a handjob) and I made my theme "impressions night." I do a killer Morrissey impression. I have that fucker's voice fine tuned to a "t" which makes it unintentionally hilarious. Shyyyynesss is niiiice and shyyynessssss can stop you...from doing alllll the things in life you'd like toooooo. Ohhh hooooooo.


But man, even with my raging ego complex and compulsive urge to perform in front of a crowd, I was NOT prepared for the response my rendition of Tom Waits' "Sixteen Shells From A Thirty Ought Six" got. I had the growly Waits voice going (making it more a rendition from the live "Big Time" record rather than the pre-sixty-cigarettes-a-day Waits voice from "swordfishtrombones")

I killed it. High fives all the way back to the bar! I love it when I do something right.

So I know you all love karaoke. Tell me what you sing. Let's pretend we're all going singing instead of stuck in school or at our jobs that we hate.

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