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Welcome To The Bitchery

So, one of mrmonster's sisters is pregnant and she is due March 2. We live quite far away, so it is unlikely we will be able to visit. We are trying to decide on a gift to send that she would like and actually be useful (we are thinking she will get a lot of clothes so we didn't really want to go that route).

We were thinking that some sort of a baby wrap would probably be great. I looked on Amazon, and this eggplant coloured Moby wrap looked nice :)


As we are not parents (and this is our first niece or nephew) we have no idea which brands would be best for the wrap?

Any advice on what brands we should buy?

ETA: Uggh Kinja! The baby wrap picture isn't showing up! Also mrmonsters sister just texted me back, I guess they are not longer interested in the cloth diapers, but thank you for all the great advice on them!

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