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I went out today shopping. I went to the mall, a thrift shop then a wholesale store. This store has nice samples and a tiny restaurant where they sell pizza, hot dogs, diet coke and big pretzels. It was Sunday so 2 dollars off a whole pizza. My mother and I got the Supreme (Uno's pizza) for $6.50 plus a diet coke, free refills so we shared.

Anyways next to us was a mother, grandmother and a small 5 year old. They too got a whole pizza. The mother kept having to coax the kid to eating the pizza. What child doesn't like pizza?

I recall in the 1970s when I went for pizza (sadly few pizza places then) with my late Grandmother and her late sister we would always get the large spinach pizza. Thinking back they had the only good spinach pizza ever. Every place since makes a pizza then throws spinach on top. This place also made spinach pita and they made the pizza with the fillings from the pita, spinach mixed with greek (or feta) cheese.

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