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Rep Black is running for Governor of that state. She not only blames Porn for school shootings. I am positive all other nations including Canada, Japan, the EU Nations, I could go on and on, all have just as much access to Porn as we do.

Where was I oh she says there is Porn in grocery stores as soon as you can go in. Maybe she goes to grocery chains that do. Grocery chains I go to have entertainment mags, tabloids, puzzle mags, health mags and fashion mags. She seems to be describing check out counter. Actually sure they change every week or month but they have always been the same magazines for decades sure a few new ones like OK but pretty much exact same ones.

Still no Porn magazines ever.

Caveat I have seen Porn mags decades ago 70s at a corner grocery store but they stopped carrying them by the mid80s. Maybe this is what she is talking about.


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