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What makes a Drumpf supporter?

I posted about this in another thread, but the author is now getting press for her study, so I wanted to publicize it broadly. What is super interesting to me about this is that one of the things that distinguishes Trump supporters from Hillary supporters is benevolent sexism (this idea that women are to be cherished, revered, protected, put on a shelf and looked at...). Trump supporters are much higher on benevolent sexism - which, I would argue, is why the Access Hollywood tapes have affected them more than any of the other things Trump has said or done. This is because Trump supporters are also very high on Islamophobia, racism, social dominance, homophobia, belief in “law and order” over civil rights, etc.

Someone in that thread (sorry, I lost my burner key, so I had to create a new account and can’t find that exchange) asked why they are upset now then, if they are so concerned about women’s purity (given that there’s been a lot of contempt for women expressed). My hunch is related to this theory of “innocent victims.” In the Access Hollywood video - we (I use that word “we” liberally - I know most/all of us on GT don’t believe this) don’t know who these women are that he bragged about assaulting - therefore, they are innocent victims in our minds. The women he has attacked publicly - Rosie O’Donnell, Megyn Kelly, etc. are known to us - and we see them as deserving. And now that some women are coming forward - they have faces and histories - and they lose their innocence.

Anyway - read the study below. It is fascinating and I hope it gets way more press.



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