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"What men want"

So a facebook friend of mine shared this horrible awful probably not peer reviewed piece of excrement from 2012.

I'll just copy a few things from the article that I especially like, so you don't have to waste 10 minutes of your life reading it. It's basically how much the author's like Playmates and playmates being the perfect human women.

. Even though Playmates are taller than average and have unusually small waists, their figures are not so different from those of young European women today—or young American women of 40 years ago. Back then, half of American women in their late teens had BMIs less than 20, and two in five had a waist-hip ratio of 70 percent or less. Unfortunately, today's average American woman is 20 pounds heavier than in 1970. Only one young woman in six has a BMI less than 20, and only one in 20 has a waist-hip ratio less than 70 percent. What's gone wrong?


Thanks for calling women's bodies wrong, assclowns.

No surprise that men aren't lining up to look at the latest issue ofVogue or Harper's Bazaar.

In other news, you skinny ladies ain't attractive either.

Men's minds are better than women's at understanding women's bodies, because there's so much at stake for men. Not all men can win the woman of their dreams, but their dreams drive them to compete for women with more optimal body shapes.

Since a mother's DHA levels are greatest for the first child, it may be one reason why first-born children tend to be smarter than their siblings.


Reference? I know you're a pop psychology magazine for jokers who can't get published in a real goddamn journal, but everyone knows when you make an assertion like that, you need to cite the goddamn study you found it in.

In other studies we have conducted, we find that children who live in countries where mothers have high levels of DHA in their breast milk score high on international tests of academic ability regardless of differences in income. American children rank 31st out of 64 nations. Children earn the highest scores in places with very high levels of omega-3 fat intake, like Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, where most women have slender hourglass figures. Japanese women have four times more DHA in their blood than do American women, with high-scoring children and low levels of obesity.


In other words, you suck as mothers American ladies.

This article pisses me off for a multitude of reasons. Even the fucking language they use is sexist. What really pisses me off is that someone would even publish this article. Not like it matters, if you were to use Psychology Today as a reference for any sort of academic paper, you would be laughed out of the classroom/lab/whatever.


This is not psychology, this is worshipping at the holy grail of Playboy. It's making a science out of discriminating against certain body types and telling women once again that they aren't attractive unless they meet certain requirements.

Also, the little graphic at the bottom cracks me up. It's so warped I can't even deal with it.


Futhermore, I don't give a flying fuck what men want or what they think about my probably omega-3 deficient body.

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