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Lots of reasons to drink tonight. $2,000 in new furnace sits downstairs fucking unusable because of shitty wiring. Another $2,000 in electrical panel repairs awaits that will require a loan from the parents to pull off. Me and another condo owner discovered the $7,000 water main replacement we had done last year has failed miserably. How miserably? 3,000 FUCKING GALLONS OF WATER A DAY LEAKING BAD. I SHIT YOU NOT. I DID THE CUBIC FOOT CONVERSION FOR THAT FUCKING BULLSHIT.


So, I sit right now in a condo with the $1,000 a month in mortgage, HOA and extra principle payments that has no central heating or, as of an hour ago, no running water to cut down on the amount of water that might leak out and potentially fuck up the foundation, which is sort of important to a 3-level building. But I still have the Internet. AND BEER. So let's do this shit.


Hoppy Holidays from Schooner Exact Brewing (Seattle, WA): I don't know if I can honestly give a fair assessment to this seasonal American Strong Ale, because I was still so pissed off from the day, even with my favorite bartender in the world giving me sympathetic words. MIDDLE OF THE ROAD FOR YOU. THE BEER, NOT MY BARTENDER.

Rye'd Piper from Ale Industries (Concord, CA): Normally, I'm so-so on rye beers. They tend to be overly peppery. But this one doesn't overdo the rye, so you just get a hint of that without it be overpowering. THE BEAST APPROVES.

V.I.P. (Vanilla Infused Porter) from Hop Valley Brewing (Eugene, OR): I've got to admit, Hop Valley is normally a brewery I love to hate. But this porter is probably the best offering from them I've tasted. The vanilla is mainly in the nose as opposed to the palette, which I prefer in any flavored porter.

Inversion IPA from Deschutes Brewing (Bend, OR): Deschutes never fails me. Ever.

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