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What mobile game are you playing?

Right now i am playing a lot of Subway Surfers and Clash of Clans. Clans is fun and addicting. I am going slower than others since i don't have the money to buy gems but that's ok with me. Subway is a much more colorful endless runner. It's nice because it changes locaiton every few weeks so it never feels like you're playing the same game for to long. I've done both temple runs, 2 was better but i got to the point where i had all the abilities and all the characters i wanted and farming coins for the rest of the characters wasn't worth it. I LOVE PvZ but two was annoying. It felt like the only mobile gamre where you had to spend money to proceed. the game never seemed to give you enough coins to use your abilities or enough seeds for your plants abilites and without those clearing maps got really annoying especcialy once they put in apritrary crap like blocking off the first two back rows. I dropped a little money in it but i don't see much more going into that game. If it's an endless runner i will usually pay at least bthe $5 to get the coin doubler if it's available, it makes farming much easier. Other than that i rarely buy coins or gems or smurfs or whatever odd item you need.


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