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Welcome To The Bitchery
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What Movies Have You Seen This Weekend?

I am blissfully drowning myself in movie theater butter (popcorn is just the delivery device, after all) all weekend and seeing all the movies I’ve been waiting for: Mad Max, Tomorrowland, and Pitch Perfect 2. Then my dad said, “Oh hey, did you know that there’s a movie out about Ronnie?!” So that’s a little weird, knowing your dad’s best friend is the subject of a documentary, but I have to tell you guys - it is so freaking inspiring.

Check out the trailer:

There’s also an excellent NPR story, if you are so inclined.


Okok, now that I’ve shamelessly plugged this, tell me what movies you’ve gone to see in the theater this weekend? What am I missing? What needs to be put on my list.

Seriously - give me an excuse to keep eating movie theater butter. Please.

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